January 30, 2018

Your Next Business Meeting: How about the Royal Golf Club?

The problem with today’s business meetings is that there are too many distractions to think deeply, and too many me-too meeting rooms that do little to inspire big ideas.

That’s not the case at the Royal Golf Club. And it’s the perfect reason why you should consider booking a meeting or two at the Club’s newly renovated clubhouse.

For many years, 3M executives used the clubhouse at what was then the Tartan Park golf course to conduct business meetings. There’s no question why – the relaxing atmosphere, free from distractions of the corporate workplace, and the beautiful views of the course and Horseshoe Lake made it the ideal place for planning meetings.

Today, the Royal Golf Club clubhouse is open to all businesses, big and small. Featuring a full-menu from Arnie’s Restaurant, we can help you host the perfect meeting, whether it’s a regularly scheduled monthly breakfast meeting, or a sales meeting where you need to introduce your new line of products for the coming year.

With multiple meeting rooms, including a large banquet room that has the capacity to host a meeting for up to 300 guests, our facility is prepared to make your next meeting a complete success.

The Royal Golf Club clubhouse has been completely remodeled to meet the demanding needs of today’s meetings. An inspiring, contemporary décor is complemented by the latest in audio/video for meetings of just about any size, including meetings that feature breakout rooms for concurrent meeting sessions.

In addition to business meetings, the Royal Golf Club can host other business-related events, such as:

  • Awards programs
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Networking events
  • MeetUp meetings
  • Retirement parties
  • Holiday parties
  • Business retreats
  • Mini-trade shows
  • Sales meetings

For organizations that would like to weave golf into the agenda, the Royal Golf Club offers several golfing packages, including golf club rental, golf lessons, and giveaways featuring products from the club’s Golf Shop.

To help you plan your next business meeting, contact Samantha Bristol, Catering and Event Sales at or (952) 237-2377.