October 31, 2018

Tips on Planning a Holiday Work Party

The holidays are a time to show gratitude for the things we value in our lives, which includes the valuable work and effort that goes into making your office tick.

The holiday party is a staple of American office life. But, like anything, it can go stale over time if you keep doing the same thing year in and year out. To ensure that doesn’t happen, Royal Golf Club offers a great venue and some sound advice on how to plan a great office holiday party for your employees.

Know Your Audience — The key to creating a good office environment is knowing your employees and a holiday party is no different. Maybe some finger food and cocktails will do the trick or perhaps a larger meal next to a roaring fire is more fitting. Your workers will be able to easily tell how much work went into your planning and will appreciate the touches that reflect your knowledge of the office.

Holidays at Arnies

Decide on a Theme — Do you want to focus on the holiday season? Celebrate a year of success for your employees? Or maybe just relax and enjoy an evening separate from the daily issues of work where you and your employees can get to know each other better? All of these can be communicated with the right theme. Decide early on what you and your employees want so your party will have a cohesive feel with every detail.

Plan Accordingly – Don’t wait until the last minute to pull together a holiday party. As soon as you have a date, let your employees know so they can get it on their calendars. Don’t forget that you’re competing with holiday concerts, plays, and family social events. Likewise, make sure that your most senior leaders have it on their calendar. A holiday party offers a unique experience for employees at all levels to mix with senior managers.

Communicate the Details — Smaller things such as the dress code or the guest list can easily fall by the wayside when planning a party. However you choose to inform your guests, make sure that even though something may seem obvious, it should be written somewhere in the information. For example, don’t forget to include the chance for your employees to communicate back about the party when sending out the invitation. Some may have dietary restrictions, have questions about the venue, or wonder if it’s okay to bring their spouse or significant other.

Establish an Alcohol Policy — While this is an event for employees to relax and take their mind off of the everyday tasks of work, it is important to remember these are still your coworkers. And, unfortunately, when you add alcohol to the mix, some not so good things can occur that may open your company up to a lawsuit while ending the career of a productive employee. If you decide to have alcohol at your party, consider implementing a two-drink maximum or restricting the beverages to just beer or wine. This sends a message to employees that, while it’s time to have fun, respecting your peers is still expected even if the gathering occurs outside of the office.

Show Your Appreciation — No matter what you ultimately decide on for your party, set some time aside to make sure your employees know that you care about them. Even a two-minute speech, such as a toast before dinner, can go a long way to creating cohesion and good will among your employees. It’s a time of the year where people celebrate unity and appreciation; your office party should reflect that as well.

Need help with planning your office holiday party? Contact the meeting and event planning specialists at the Royal Golf Club. With space to accommodate holiday parties for up to 300 people, we offer a convenient location within a 15-minute drive of downtown St. Paul and a 25-minute drive of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. With incredible views of our golf course, our clean, modern, contemporary clubhouse offers the type of warm welcome that your employees will remember for a long time.

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