July 19, 2018

Minnesota Couple Making the Royal Club home to their next chapter

The Royal Club is rolling out dozens of opportunities for families and couples to build homes in a welcoming community, and Lesa and John Hobright-Turner are among the first to do exactly that.

Lesa is a consultant on clinical research for medical device companies and is also on staff at the University of Minnesota working on research projects with her two therapy dogs, Murphy and Frank. Her husband, John, is an IT executive at 3M. Murphy and Frank are also READ dogs (Reading Education Assistance Dog) that help kids become better readers.

Lesa and John currently live in Woodbury’s Wedgewood community, and, after their son left home for medical school, the couple began to discuss moving.

“When John and I began to talk about where we wanted to be after retiring, we knew it wasn’t Woodbury,” Lesa says. “It’s a great community to raise a family in, but we knew it was time for something different.”

“We toyed with moving into a condo in either downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, but we wouldn’t have any yard space for our dogs,” she adds.

After attending the Royal Club’s open house last fall, Lesa and John knew that they had found the perfect place to spend the next chapter of their lives.

“Right away, we could tell that the Royal Club was special,” Lesa says. “There’s something exciting about being part of a brand-new community with so much to offer.”

“We’re looking forward to meeting our new neighbors and building a strong community from scratch,” she adds.

Lesa and John also toured the club’s community spaces, such as the clubhouse and Arnie’s restaurant.

“Arnie’s has so much potential,” Lesa says. “It’s going to be so much fun seeing the menu evolve as the neighborhood grows, and we know it’ll be a great gathering place in the colder months.”

The couple chose Charles Cudd Co. LLC to design and construct their new single-family home in the Royal Club.

“We have been following their work for about 20 years, and have never been disappointed by what we’ve seen,” Lesa says. “Their attention to detail and creative floor plans have kept us intrigued.”

After consulting with the architects to perfect their vision, Lesa and John decided to build a two-story home. The house is designed to complement the Royal Club’s natural beauty and will accommodate Lesa and John perfectly as they move into retirement in a few years.

“The doorways are a little wider and there’s framing for an elevator if we ever need to install one as we get older,” Lesa explains. “We wanted to build a home that reflects how we currently live, rather than how we lived when we were raising a family.”

Their new home will have four bedrooms and five bathrooms, with an attached three-car garage. The feature that Lesa and John are looking forward to the most is the open floor plan between the kitchen and living areas, which will be perfect for hosting Christmas Eve for their immediate family of 50 and the beautiful views of the course.

As true Minnesotans, Lesa and John look forward to living in their new home year-round, where they can enjoy the popular outdoor activities that Minnesota is known for.

The couple owns a lake home about two hours northeast to Lake Elmo in Birchwood, Wisconsin, where they enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking and cross-country skiing. John already golfs recreationally, and Lesa anticipates adding golf to her list of favorite pastimes.

Hobright-Turner Pets

“John golfs when he has time, and I’ll be taking a few lessons once we move in to our new home,” Lesa says. “We’re planning on making golf our hobby when we retire.”

“John and our son, Brexton, play golf at family events,” she adds. “But they’re definitely not competitive. They enjoy laughing at each other’s game.”

“We’ll joke to our son that our master plan is to finish building the house, live in it for 20 years, pass it down to him and move into a Royal Club villa so we can be near our grandkids,” Lesa laughs. “He reminds us that he needs to get through medical school first.”

“Since we’re some of the first people to claim a spot in the community, the process has been very smooth,” Lesa says. “John and I are really looking forward to seeing how the neighborhood grows into the incredible community we know it will become.”