April 1, 2019

Let the Royal Golf Club Host Your Next Golf Tournament or Charity Event

Have you ever thought about hosting a golf tournament for your employees?

Or for your business’ top customers?

How about a golf tournament to raise funds for a charitable cause or a local nonprofit?

Well, look no further. Here at the Royal Golf Club, we want to make that process as easy as possible.

While a growing number of people are coming to appreciate the Royal Golf Club for our legendary golf course and our luxury Royal Club home development, what they may not realize is we offer the perfect place to host events, large and small, for companies and nonprofit organizations.

Ken Galloway, general manager of the Royal Golf Club, who has led the operations at several Twin Cities private clubs, is highly experienced at helping businesses, private parties, and nonprofits conduct golf tournaments. He now brings that experience to The Royal Golf Club, which last fall hosted the Intercollegiate, a golf tournament conducted by Annika Sörenstam’s foundation, for the top women’s Division 1 collegiate golf teams in the United States.

“At the Royal Golf Club, we have everything you need to conduct a memorable golf outing,” says Galloway. “Our experienced golf staff can help you plan a tournament for up to 280 golfers. Our clubhouse facilities can host tournament meal events (lunches, dinners) for up to 300 people. And, with state-of-the-art audio-visual systems, we can help you professionally communicate every aspect of your tournament.”

“Our event facilities have all of the essential accommodations,” adds Galloway, “including presentation materials, wireless internet, audio and visual equipment, and more, which can be used for award ceremonies or silent auctions.”

Aside from the excellent facilities, environment, and accommodations, the Royal Golf Club also offers exceptional catering to provide high quality food for your event. Laura McKenna, director of food and beverage operations, says that the food service that the club provides is unmatched.

“Our food service is of the highest quality,” says McKenna. “We use fresh ingredients and excellent recipes to provide the best possible product.”

McKenna also notes that the club is eager to make sure you’re satisfied with the service.

“You have the opportunity to taste the food before your event so that you can be sure it meets the needs of your tournament’s participants,” says McKenna. “We want you to love the food, so we’ll work hard to accommodate special requests and anything you might need.”

Aside from the facilities and food, the final advantage of partnering with the Royal Golf Club for your event is the access to the golf course itself.

“Hosting an event at the Royal Golf club is the perfect opportunity to incorporate golf into your event plans, such as a sales meeting,” says Head Golf Professional Shawn Weisen. “Maybe you spend the first half of the day getting work done and the second half of the day relaxing on the course. It’s a great way to blend work and relaxation, and for employees or customers coming from out of town, The Royal Golf Club is just a 25-minute drive from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.”

“We can even have a golf tournament on The Short Course,” adds Weisen, referring to the Royal Golf Club’s unique, six-hole course where none of the holes is more than 100 yards long.

Galloway finishes with a promise from the club.

“When you book an event with the Royal Golf Club, you are booking a guarantee of service,” he says. “At the Royal Golf Club, we are fully committed to helping your event run smoothly, so that when the time comes, you and your guests can relax, enjoy the day, and build long-lasting relationships.”

Next time you are looking for a place to host your event, make sure to check out the Royal Golf Club. We can give you the kind of experience to make your event the best it can possibly be. Click here to learn more about how you can book an event with the Royal Golf Club.