January 8, 2019

Head Golf Pro Shawn Weisen Offers Tips to Prepare for the Coming Golf Season

It’s cold outside. There’s snow on the ground. You’re feeling a tad cooped up, and you’re wondering what you could do now to make sure that you’re playing in top form on day one of the upcoming golf season. And, not day 79.

trees at royal golf club

Short of heading South and playing in Florida, Alabama or Arizona, the key, says Royal Golf Club head golf professional Shawn Weisen, is to make more time for practice. Even during the winter months.

Not lengthy amounts of time. No, actually, short periods of practice every day or every week through the winter months until you can get on the driving range or on practice chipping and putting areas at the Royal Golf Club.

For example, notes Weisen, one of the most common problems that golfers of all abilities and all ages come to him with is correcting a slice.

In this new video called Bottle Up Your Slice, recently posted on YouTube, Shawn demonstrates a simple technique that could be practiced by a golfer each day to correct a slice, even while watching the Golf Channel.

“The key aspect of this practice technique is building up the muscle memory,” Weisen says. “The more often you practice the correct way of striking the ball, the more that it will become engrained in the memory of your muscles. Until it just becomes natural, so to speak.”

The new golf tips video by Weisen is the first in a series of tips that Weisen intends to create along with instructors Brandon Sigette and Mark Retica to help those who enjoy playing at the Royal Golf Club improve their game.

Pumping Up the Golf Instruction

The golf videos are just one aspect of how the Royal Golf Club is stepping up its game in terms of helping its members and non-members enhance their enjoyment of the game.

This coming season, members and non-members will have access to golf instruction from three teaching professionals. In addition to head golf professional Weisen, Brandon Sigette and Mark Retica join the Royal Golf Club team to providing instruction and coaching to golfers.

“Whether you’re relatively new to golfing, or you’ve been doing it for a while and you’d like to take your game to the next level, you won’t go wrong with hiring one of our golf professionals,” says Weisen. “Each of us listens very closely, observes carefully, and works with you to not just learn good form, but to help you actually enjoy the game more. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. Golf should be fun.”

For those who want coaching throughout the season, Weisen is offering a special package for just $2,000. Available to only 10 golfers, his unlimited golf lessons package, starting April 1 and going through November 1, allows golfers to schedule a 45-minute lesson with Weisen every five days throughout the season. It also includes a range pass ($250 value), Short Course membership, and six 18-hole rounds to utilize the new swing.

“I say to all my students, even pros such as Tiger Woods use golf coaches, because they know that there’s always room to improve,” says Weisen. “What we try to do is best summed up by what Arnold Palmer used to say: ‘Swing your swing. Not some idea of a swing. Not a swing you saw on TV. Not that swing you wish you had. No, your swing.’”

“Every person is unique and different,” Weisen adds. “We help you find your swing.”

Learn More: To learn more about scheduling a golf lesson at the Royal Golf Club, contact Shawn Weisen at or stop by the Golf Shop.