September 5, 2018

Arnie’s Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

It’s amazing how quickly a year goes by. But here we are, celebrating the one-year anniversary of Arnie’s Restaurant, located in the Royal Golf Club clubhouse.

Arnie's restaurant interior

Within the past year, Arnie’s has found its footing, by focusing on the Arnold Palmer’s vision for the Royal Golf Club – “Golfing should be fun.” In this, Palmer meant: Golfing shouldn’t be complicated. It shouldn’t be stressful. It should be enjoyed by those you enjoy spending time with, whether that’s close friends, your family members, your neighbors, or your customers.

When chef Matt Sohlo arrived several months ago, he focused like a laser on that vision to create a more accessible menu incorporating more local ingredients that complemented the Royal Golf Club experience rather than attempt to stand out on its own.

“Instead of having Arnie’s stand out on its own,” says Sohlo, “I looked at how the Arnie’s restaurant experience could complement someone’s entire experience with the Royal Golf Club, whether you’re joining us for a meal after playing a round, or whether you’re one of the new Royal Club homeowners walking down for a meal with the kids or grandkids at the end of a long week of work.”

To that end, Arnie’s has transformed its entire menu.

“In the past year, we’ve learned that our Arnie’s customers want food that is wholesome and hearty. They want food that comforts them, but at times, pleasantly surprises their taste buds,” Sohlo says. “We offer classics, such as Arnie’s Fried Chicken Dinner, based on Arnold Palmer’s favorite recipe, as well as country style meatloaf and burgers.”

“But we also offer some flavors that local Minnesotans may not have had the joy of tasting, such as cola-braised short ribs, candied bacon pimento mac & cheese, or a sriracha burger.”

In addition, Arnie’s has revamped its menu to offer a collection of mouth watering salads (watermelon goat cheese salad), and vegetarian delights, such as a quinoa-black bean-corn pita.

“That’s the influence of Annika Sörenstam on our menu,” Sohlo says. “When she visited us, she encouraged us to offer entrees that appealed to a broader range of golfers – especially to the growing number of women who enjoy golfing.”

And that’s the point: the Royal Golf Club is a golfing experience that embraces everyone – men, women, and youth. For example, the first major tournament to be conducted at the Royal Golf Club will be the Annika Intercollegiate, presented by 3M, featuring the nation’s top collegiate women’s golfers.

Sohlo, who golfs himself and worked as a chef for the PGA noted, “While we’re here to complement the golfing experience, we also want to think about how we can change the game – like Arnie and Annika did in their professional lives – to make the Arnie’s experience something that you’ll want to keep coming back for more.”

Looking ahead to year two, Sohlo says Arnie’s will continue to focus on delivering delicious, accessible food that the entire family can enjoy, while refining the dining experience.

“We want Arnie’s to become your favorite dining experience regardless of whether it’s golf season or not,” Sohlo adds. “Even if you just want to stop by and enjoy a cold beverage with a friend, we want Arnie’s to be the kind of place where you feel comfortable, and where you talk golfing or the Vikings.”