October 17, 2017

A Community Dedicated to Golf, The Outdoors, Family and Fun

royal golf club course greenery

First Phase of The Royal Club Almost Sold Out. Get Your Name on the List for Phase Two.

You can feel it.

Something special is happening here.

An incredible, world-class golf course is beginning to really take shape. In its shadow is the Short Course, a magical par 3 course that’s perfect for young people and adults to learn how to golf, or for an evening when you only have an hour to play and you just want to feel connected with the outdoors.

And that’s the point: the outdoors.

The Royal Club home development is unlike any other community connected to a golf course. The homes are not on top of the course, lining the greens. You will never have to worry about waking up to a foursome in your backyard or a golf ball whacking the side of your home. Instead, The Royal Club homes and villas are situated in an amphitheatre style to give its owners the breathtaking views and connection to the outdoors without the worries of being in the way of the golfing.

But that’s just the start.

Because it’s about community, too. It’s about greeting your neighbors on the five miles of paved, cedar and crushed gravel trails. Having a place for the kids to slide in the winter. Going cross-country skiing on groomed trails. Enjoying a dip in the pool. Getting a good workout at the fitness center. Ice skating on Horseshoe Lake. And enjoying incredible views of the St. Croix River Valley, only minutes away in Stillwater.

Or hopping into your golf cart at the end of a long day and heading over to Arnie’s restaurant for a glass of wine, a nice dinner, and some good conversation with family and friends.

Whether you have kids in school or you’re empty nesters who spend a couple months each year down South, you will be part of a vibrant, thriving community that values spending time in the outdoors.

That’s why many of our 73 properties in the First Phase of The Royal Club have received commitments.

And why we’ve begun to take names for those interested in buying a property in Phase Two of The Royal Club’s development.

Who Will Be Your New Neighbors?

Many of those who have purchased lots in Phase One come from within a 15 to 25 minute drive of The Royal Golf Club – from Lake Elmo, Woodbury and Stillwater.

Your new neighbors represent a range of families – from those whose children will be attending Stillwater schools or a nearby private school, to those near retirement age who want to spend more time in the outdoors, leading a healthy, active lifestyle that involves golfing, running, cycling, and cross-country skiing.

What they all have expressed in buying into The Royal Club is a desire to be part of a community. For example, one couple has decided to sell their new home, built on three acres about 10 minutes from The Royal Club because they want to actually be near other people. With our single family homes being built with 100 foot wide lots on the golf course, you’ll have the space you need to have your own privacy, and the space you want to stay connected with others.

Another thing that is attracting people to The Royal Club is our association program. We will be offering an a la carte menu of services that allows you to live a rich and rewarding lifestyle on your terms.

Tired of mowing or clearing the driveway of snow? We’ve got you covered.

Want us to check your home when you’re away for extended periods, either on vacation or work? We’ve got you covered.

Want golf lessons for yourself or your spouse? We’ll have the pros ready for you.

Leading the effort to sell the properties within The Royal Club is Jim Boo and his wife Tracy Boo. Together with their other colleagues, Team Boo is helping Twin Cities households make their dreams become a reality – connecting them with championship golf, an outdoors experience that can be enjoyed all year long, and a community of people who value their connectedness to nature and each other.

Does this feel right to you?

Does it feel like something that one of your family members is looking for? A good friend? Or a coworker?

If it does, contact Jim and Tracy Boo at 651-231-3111 or email Jim Boo at to get a tour of The Royal Golf Club and The Royal Club community.